The village and town of Scarsdale is perhaps the best known internationally of the Westchester villages. The community of 17,293 (2010 census) consists of 6.6 square miles. The town and village boundaries are the same. The commercial downtown hosts an assortment of shops and restaurants located near the village train stations. The commuting time to midtown Manhattan is 35 minutes.

During the reign of Charles II in England  in 1666, Caleb Heathcote was born  to the family of Mayor Heathcote in the Hundred  of  Scarsdale, Derbyshire. Twenty-six years later, when his fiancée left him for his older brother, Caleb set sail for New York. He prospered in trade and began  to buy up land  in Westchester. After acquiring several parcels, his holdings stretched to the town line in Eastchester. In 1701 Caleb had  these lands elevated  into a royal manor. He named the area Scarsdale after his ancestral home. After Caleb’s death in 1721, his two daughters inherited the land and in 1774, the manor was broken up and the tenants became the proprietors. Scarsdale became a town by the law of March 7, 1788. A generation later James Fenimore Cooper, who had married a great grand-daughter of Caleb gave the story of those turbulent days a permanent place in literature. He wrote The Spy, which became one of the first acclaimed  American novels.


Neighborhoods within Scarsdale include the following:


Arthur Manor (Edgewood Elementary)

Berkley in Scarsdale (Edgewood and Fox Meadow Elementary)

Bramlee Heights (Fox Meadow Elementary)

Colonial Acres (Quaker Ridge Elementary)

Drake Edgewood (Edgewood Elementary)

East Heathcote (Heathcote Elementary)

Fox Meadow (Fox Meadow Elementary)

Greenacres (Greenacres Elementary)

Murdock Woods (Quaker Ridge Elementary)

Murray Hill/Middle Heathcote (Heathcote Elementary)

Old Scarsdale (Fox Meadow Elementary)

Overhill (Fox Meadow Elementary)

Quaker Ridge (Quaker Ridge Elementary)

Scarsdale Meadows (Quaker Ridge Elementary)

Secor Farms (Quaker Ridge Elementary)

Sherbrooke Farms (Heathcote Elementary)

West Quaker Ridge (Quaker Ridge Elementary)



Cudner- Hyatt House and 1828 Quaker Meeting House (


Red Maple Swamp (


Brite Avenue Park (


Crossway Park (


Scarsdale Women’s Club/ Wayside Cottage (


School District: