A Green Realtor?

Considering energy efficiency and eco-friendly products in real estate activity is not just good for the planet, but good for people, and good for real estate.

What does this have to do with home marketing?

Energy Star homes have been selling at a quicker rate than homes without this certification. One of the biggest concerns among young people today is the environment.

Communities are creating committees such as Sustainable Hastings and Sustainable Dobbs Ferry. Some states in the country are becoming Leed (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) states, adopting standards of the United States Green Buildings Council for all of their new construction.

With the rising cost of fuel families are struggling to find ways to save. For many, the easiest way is to improve energy efficiency in the home. The next generation of purchasers will be more energy conscious as fuel costs rise, and more impressed by advanced technologies in the home.

Why Should Buyers and Sellers Care About Going Green?

During marketing and sale is probably the best time to make improvements to a home. Most people paint and perhaps refinish floors but if they were fully aware of energy issues the positive aspects could enhance marketability and the negative aspects could be addressed, either by the seller or a future buyer.

There is no Energy Star rating for existing homes unless they are gut rehabilitated, yet the market shows that in new construction there is a real enhancement from good building performance. People associate good building performance with quality. Most buyers want information on the eco- friendly and efficiency aspects of the home and it is not readily available.

What Information Can you Provide?

As a LEED Green Associate and Certified Ecobroker I am dedicating part of my business to encourage Green Homes development, Energy Efficiency and Eco-Friendly home materials. I have had training and can identify aspects of a home which may be an advantage to marketing. This training also has provided valuable information to me on how to deal with environmental issues if they arise and options for special programs which may be of interest to the green conscious buyer.

I can help homeowners understand the alternatives they have available for lowering their carbon footprint, and market the improvements when it is time to sell. This includes general information in the Green Homes section as well as incentive programs which can offset some of the costs of making improvements.

Eighty percent of buyers consider themselves to be “green minded”.  From indoor air quality to lower energy costs to home comfort, buyers and sellers want a realtor who can identify the quality of a home.